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Jim Walker

Jim Walker


LIC# 10428
Langue(s): Anglais
Spécialités : Hypothèque résidentielle

À propos de nous


Prior to joining Mortgage Intelligence, Jim was the Operations Manager for a high-end Italian Sporting Apparel Company.  Jim oversaw the IT Dept, Distribution Centre, as well as the Logistics Dept.  With a very strong high-tech background, Jim introduced and implemented many technical solutions for the Canadian operations as well as providing integration with the international affiliates.  As a senior manager for the firm, Jim was instrumental in developing financial strategies for capital investment deployments.

Finding and determining the appropriate solution for any situation has been one of Jim's strongest attributes throughout his career, and this skill transfers nicely as a mortgage agent.

Jim joined his wife, Caroline, at Mortgage Intelligence early in 2007.  Caroline continues to enjoy a very strong following where the phenomenal growth of her customer base has kept her very busy, so the addition was much welcome.

Today Jim and Caroline work closely together helping their customers make one of the biggest financial decisions of their lives.

Why do our customers always refer us to their friends and family?  - Because we treat our customers like family.

If you want a new experience when shopping for your mortgage give us a call and let us treat you right!

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Jim Walker

Jim Walker


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